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    I’m Daniel, a Marketing Strategist turned Community Builder with experience in UX Research and Information Architecture. I’m passionate about understanding the people behind the data.

    Furthermore, I’m an avid reader and a fan of Bauhaus, Sci-fi, and Photography.

    This is my personal blog where I write about history, art, photography, and books.

    Klaus is my nickname which stuck with me from my university days.

    The topics related to Community, Marketing, and UX are here.

    I’m writing about books on Our Heads in a Book website.

     A few more details about me

    I started doing digital photography in high school. I was working on a Sony H2. It was a good companion during the first years. Now I’m a Nikon user, both digital and analogue. And, yes, I’m using old Nikon lenses from the ’70s and 2000s.

    My photography passion guided me towards arts and people. So, when it was time to pick a university, I chose Journalism.
    Next year, I also enrolled in the Art History Department. Both places offered interesting perspectives, connections, and friends.

    • I started my work life at Humanitas Bookshop Cluj, part of the Humanitas Publishing House (the biggest publishing group in the country).
    • 5 years and 500 organised events later, I moved to Cluj Cowork as Community Manager, one of the first coworking spaces in Romania.
    • More recently, I was Head of Community & People at UpStack- an international team augmentation and devs community company.
    • In 2016, I launched and produced a cultural podcast with the Romanian National Public Radio for one year. The episodes are here.
    • In 2021, I created the online book club with over 70 members in partnership with an independent, crowdsourced newsroom.
    • Currently, I started a book club for community professionals on Substack.