Interview — 7 Min. read

Anca Vieru- Spulberatic

Interview — 7 Min. read

Anca Vieru- Spulberatic

The Spulberatic novel, though half of it is in the communist period, is not about that era. The decoration and the period become secondary elements that support the four perspectives. All these, in fact, close the portrait as objective of Tiberiu Vreme.

Silence, the unspoken, the taboo subjects of the family, are the wheels that “grind” and guide Tiberiu’s fate. He is not really present anywhere: neither in the perspective of the lover, the husband or the father. Not even in his own journal.

Anca Vieru manages to link in the novel two historical periods, the past (“Golden Age”) and present. Present in which the past infiltrates the everyday fabric discreetly creating suffering and anguish.

Spulberatic is a novel about family and about family, about a love story and how the times influence the destinies of the protagonists, contemporary or future.

I do not say more about the novel, so as not to spoil the pleasure of discovering it by reading it. Below are transcribed some discussions between the undersigned, Anca Vieru and Ioana Bot, during the presentation of the book at the Humanitas Cluj Bookstore.

Anca Vieru about changing engineering in the humanities

Yes, I did the Polytechnic, I worked for a while as an engineer. After the Revolution when the industry went bankrupt, I gradually changed. And the writing came so unexpectedly on me that every time I was asked why? and why so late? I find it hard to answer.

About writing and the discipline of writing

For me, the writing was a discipline from many points of view because writing took me a while that I didn’t have. I had to organize my life around three poles: service, writing and family. Then I became much more cautious with the scattering. I tried not to waste time. As for the fact that I have a technical background, maybe this can be seen a little in the way I build stories, characters.

I do not write daily. I should write in the evening but I’m tired. I know some writers wake up early in the morning, but I’m not such a morning person. I prefer to keep my strength for the weekend. Eventually, during the week I come back to what I wrote earlier. Indeed, weekends are good for writing.

Writing habits

I can’t say I have. I write on my computer, not on paper. Already when I started to write I was the computer and I can not give up the ease it gives me in writing. I also write down some ideas on a notebook, not on the phone.

I don’t have a specific place, I can also write on the couch with my laptop in my arms. The first part of the novel I wrote in the living room, on the couch while it was the World Football Championship. That constant vacuuming of the voodoo was good. More disturbing is when discussing.

When do you know that you can leave the workshop?

I write very slowly. Three years have passed since the Lemons, but I had already started the book long before. Generally, I like to pee a bit and come back. In the novel Spulberatic, I cut a lot from what I had written. When I started, the first part was much more developed, it somehow ruined the balance of the book and then I cut.

How is the family looking at your writing?

He supports me. The best thing was that he wasn’t surprised. For a person who writes from a very young age the family knows that this is a given, while it came to me at a time when I had a lot of responsibilities, a child who gave BAC, parents. Maybe they were glad that he was getting rid of me for a while, they were glad that something unusual was happening. The friends were most surprised. They regarded it as something out of the ordinary.

Future projects

I have a few stories started. I think the next book will be short stories.

You can find Anca Vieru on her personal blog, and her books are published by Polirom Publishing House.